The Pocket PC Cruise Plan

UPDATE: Due to lack of interest, I am not pursuing holding the cruise. Maybe I'll try again for next year; check this site for any updates. I am leaving the details of the propsed cruise here for reference purposes.

I was thinking of putting together a Pocket PC Cruise. My wife works for a travel agency, so I'm getting the details on what that would involve, but I wanted to share the information I have with some people I know to get an idea of the interest.

The current plan would be a four-day cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise would be either Labor Day weekend or over Halloween (which could be fun).

As I'm not aware of this having been done before, I'm keeping my goals modest — about 100 paid registrants (plus any family members). However, there is some flexibility involved.

Events and Highlights

Plans would include the following:

Tentative Itinerary

Here is the tentative itinerary for the cruise.
Date & Time Event Notes
Thursday 4 PM Depart New Orleans  
Thursday 9 PM Cocktail hour All participants and their guests are welcome to meet the event organizers, presenters and each other
Friday 10 AM Dealer Room opens  
Friday 2 PM Presentation #1 Scheduled Pocket PC presentation
Friday 4 PM Presentation #2 Scheduled Pocket PC presentation
Friday 5 PM Dealer Room closes  
Saturday 8 AM Arrive Cozumel  
Saturday 4 PM Depart Cozumel  
Sunday 10 AM Dealer Room opens  
Sunday 2 PM Presentation #3 Scheduled Pocket PC presentation
Sunday 4 PM Presentation #4 Scheduled Pocket PC presentation
Sunday 5 PM Dealer Room closes  
Monday 8 AM Arrive New Orleans  

NOTE: The times for the cocktail hour, presentations and dealer room are not confirmed yet.

Projected Prices

The fares aren't fixed yet, but would be roughly as shown below for participants:
Date Interior 1 Interior 2 Oceanview 1 Oceanview 2
Labor Day (September 2-September 6) $415/$440/$465 $445/$470/$495 $465/$490/$515 $495/$520/$545
Halloween (October 28-November 1) $410/$435/$460 $440/$465/$490 $460/$485/$510 $490/$515/$540

The above fares are based on double occupancy, and include port taxes, but not any airfare, ground transportation or tips. The first price would be for people booking in the first 30 days; the second price would be for people booking after the first 30 days, but within the first 60 days; the third price would be for people booking later. Guests of partipants (not eligible to attend the presentations or dealers room) would be $15 less than the above fares. Prices are approximate and subject to change.

All reservations would be booked through FAST Travel, a full-service travel agency, which is helping put the cruise together.


The intent is to have four to eight one-hour panels, presentations or demonstrations of new products. There would be one or two panels of invited guests, probably to talk about the joys of running a Pocket PC Web site and/or a Q&A session with MVPs. Other presentations would be determined by the corporate sponsors and presenters.

I've asked Microsoft to attend and possibly show Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, but they have declined. I've also asked several Pocket PC manufacturers — including Hewlett-Packard, Dell. Viewsonic and ASUS — to attend, but haven't gotten any interest.

I have gotten interest from several Pocket PC Web masters and MVPs, though. These include:
Name Site Notes
Chris De Herrera CE MVP
Jason Dunn Pocket PC Thoughts MVP
Steve Mueller Silicon Valley Pocket PC Me! (Also a contributor at
Derek Snyder  
Don Sorcinelli Boston Pocket PC MVP
NOTE: Depending on the cruise date, not all of these people may attend. They have expressed definite interest in being there, though.

If you have any questions, please E-mail us at [].

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